Effective communication is communication that is clearly and successfully delivered, received and understood. Learning the skills of effective communication will help you to resolve differences while building trust and respect with others.

This Fast Forward Degree is divided into four segments:


Types of content:
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Get your feet wet by starting out with this introductory information.

Remember, before you can run you must learn how to walk.

 How Good Are Your Communication Skills?
      by Mindtools


Got your bearings? Then dig into the heart of the matter!

Pay attention as this information will give you the foundation to build on for future success in this field.

 Communication Skills – Deep Conversations
      by Improvement Pill

 10 ways to have a better conversation
      by Celeste Headlee

 Leading With Effective Communication
      by Celeste Headlee


Time to stand out from the pack!

The skills you learn in this segment will separate you an upper hand on the average professionals knowledge in this field.

 How to speak so that people want to listen
      by Julian Treasure

 Science Of Persuasion
      by Influence at Work


Do you always aim for the gold star?

We’ve got you covered. The information you get from these resources will get you the star you deserve.

 Communicate effectively in a globalised workplace
      by National University of Singapore

 How to spot a liar
      by Pamela Meyer

 5 ways to listen better
      by Julian Treasure

This is it!

I hope you have found the information included in this fast forward degree useful.

Improving your 21st century skills has a compound effect. It gradually adds up to a greater sum than the individual pieces of information.

Learning from a broad spectrum of resources will allow you to have more agile mind and make connections that others cannot see.

Keep on learning!

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