Become a connective thinker, improve your 21st century skills and future proof your career!

Being very knowledgeable about one specific field of work is not enough anymore. It is the unexpected connections that bring progress forward and the people who are able to make these connections are the ones who dominate their industries, changes their workplace from the inside, come up with the best solutions for their clients and create the successful companies of tomorrow.

If you are a marketer who has learnt the principle of crop rotation from a farmer and apply that principle to advertising, you have a secret weapon that other marketers don’t. The same goes for all other professions.

Becoming an Everlearner makes it easy for you to upgrade your 21st century skills and at the same time build a foundation for connective thinking.

A monthly subscription with Everlearners gives you access to:


You get access to curated information to improve your knowledge in all 21st century skills. You decide if you want to aim for basic or professional level proficiency. Two new degrees are added monthly.


Each month we explore a new topic in depth. All subscribers get to vote on new themes and the upcoming ones can be found here.


You get access to our member forum where you can share new insights, learn from fellow Everlearners and easily access all course contents.


Each degree and each theme consists of a months worth of curated materials. Both free and premium resources are included and they range from books and podcasts to videos and courses.


For every monthly theme a scholar, author or other kind of expert on that particular topic is invited to answer questions in our Forum.


We make sure that you can integrate the information you learn from the diverse range of monthly themes into your professional life by using connective thinking.


All members are welcome to suggest new monthly themes and can participate in voting for the upcoming themes.

You also get infographics, book summaries, checklists and other supporting information to make it as easy as possible for you to implement your new skills and knowledge into your work life.

Who is the person behind Everlearners?

That would be me, Janet Alexandersson – lifelong learner and connective thinker. I have always found it fun and useful to explore a wide range of subjects and that is why I have created Everlearners for others like me who are equally fascinated by deep sea explorations, the history of Japan, and the link between culture and language.

With connective thinking you can easily apply the underlying principles and concepts from a wide range of subjects into your own work to make it more unique and ultimately more useful.

Oh, and my formal learning led me to a Master of Laws degree. The main take away for me was learning to do deep research and to apply new knowledge effectively. And that is at the core at what I offer those who subscribe to Everlearners.

To keep you engaged we use the these types of learning resources:


Select articles are included in each curriculum to help you understand the subject matters.


Podcasts are included to help you absorb new knowledge in a auditory form.


Documentaries are good for understanding real life experiences.


What would a curriculum be without books. Both e-books and audio books will be included.


Intervies allow you to learn from the masters. Either exclusive interviews or pre-existing interviews.


Hands on learning to help you apply your knowledge directly.


Some themes include a specific course that will shape your knowledge and learning experience.


The purpose is to get you to better absorb your new knowledge and get first hand experience.

Our Community is hosted by Facebook Workplace

This means it is easy for you to jump right in and start participating while also keeping all the resources easy to find.

It also means that Facebook does not own our data, there are no ads displayed, and you will not be sharing your personal Facebook profile, in fact you don’t even need one.

Hey, you mentioned 21st century skills – what are those and why do they matter?

According to Wikipedia 21st century skills are a series of higher-order skills, abilities, and learning dispositions that have been identified as being required for success in 21st century society and workplaces by educators, business leaders, academics, and governmental agencies.

These are the skills that are needed to successfully navigate your career regardless of if you run you are an entrepreneur, if you are a consultant or if you are employed. They make sure that you can work alone and in a team, that you can follow through on a project, and that you can communicate efficiently with your colleagues, clients and customers.

The skills can be divided into four main categories:




Technology literacy




Project management
Team Work




Social Media
Language learning
Effective Communication




Problem Solving
Analytic thinking
Media Literacy
Information Literacy

Get an advantage over your peers

The best option to get ahead in the 21st century is to never stop learning. We are no longer isolated in bubbles and the more you know about different fields the better your odds are. Borrowing methods and concepts form other disciplines and applying them to your own gives you an advantage over your peers who are stuck in linear and traditional thinking.

  Connective Thinking

Each monthly theme revolves around on topic. You will be shown how to best apply what you learn to your field of work and also how the subject at hand relates to 21st century skills.

  First Principles

Each monthly topic is broken down to its first principles in order to allow you to both fully grasp the concepts and use these principles in other contexts.

  Underlying Structures

We dig into the underlying structures of each theme and explore adjacent topics and concepts to give you a complete view.

  Methods & Concepts

We center each theme around the main methods and concepts of each topic and make sure that they are translated into direct application for 21st century skills.

Who should join Everlearners?

Ambitious professionals who want to get ahead. Leaders who want to leave a mark on their industry. Entrepreneurs who want to challenge the status quo. Employees who do not want to blindly follow tradition.

Connective thinking and multidisciplinary learning is the best insurance for your career.

Connective thinkers are a rare breed and this is one of the most sought after qualities in leaders, entrepreneurs and consultants. Regardless of your professions, if you have ambition, connective thinking is the secret password. With this ability you reliably come up with ideas, solutions and strategies the others have not thought of. It is the easiest way to make yourself irreplaceable.

Future proof your career!
The earlier you join – the more you save. Forever.

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