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Most people I have met that have made it through to a university degree have never, not even once, been taught how to learn.

Not how to learn in general and definitely not how to understand and take advantage of their own learning style. I’m guessing that goes for you too. No wonder learning sometimes feels so difficult.

Let’s fix that right now!
This course will introduce you to the benefits of lifelong learning and show you an easier way to learn more effectively as well as how to apply your knowledge so that you can benefit from it both in your career and in your everyday life.

I have also included a bit of inspiration from successful learners by sharing their best tips and tricks for solid learning.

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Curriculum Content

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Happy Learning!

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    Benefits of Lifelong Learning

    Lifelong learning is a commitment, but once you discover the personal and professional benefits it can bring to your life it is much easier to make it an integral part of your routine.

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    How To Learn

    Learning how to learn will help you understand how you acquire new knowledge best. Knowing how to make your brain work in your favour gives you a big advantage in learning.

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    Learning Styles

    Learning styles have been promoted for many years. They are both overestimated and underestimated. Find out how you can make learning more fun for yourself.

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    How To Study

    Find out how to make studying more efficient so that you can easily make time for learning on a regular basis.

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    Retaining Knowledge

    When you have learned something new, how do you keep your new knowledge from disappearing? There are several techniques that help you retain your knowledge long-term.

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