Everlearners are educational omnivores

If you are like me, you have discovered that the higher the level of traditional education you reach the more you are forced to specialize. And by the time people start doing research they have dedicated all their learning to a tiny niche.

For most of us, this is not useful. We need to (and let’s face it, want to) collect knowledge from a broad spectrum of subjects. Educational variety helps us make interesting connections and learn more deeply. Are you ready to get going?

Everlearner Subscribers Get Access To:

  Monthly Themes

Each month we explore a new topic in depth. All subscribers get to vote on new themes and the upcoming ones can be found here.

  Curated Curriculums

Each theme consists of a months worth of curated materials. Both free and premium resources are included and they range from books and podcasts to videos and courses.

  Community Forum

You get access to our member forum where you can share new insights, learn from fellow Everlearners and easily access all course contents.


For every monthly theme a scholar, author or other kind of expert on that particular topic is invited to answer questions in our Forum.

  Discounts on Premium Info

Whenever possible we try to get a group wide discount on premium materials included in the curated monthly content.

  Real Life Application

Prompts that help you actively integrate your knew knowledge it your everyday personal and professional life.

  Vote For Future Topics

All members are welcome to suggest new monthly themes and can participate in voting for the upcoming themes.


We are using Facebook Workplace as our forum platform

This means it is easy for you to jump right in and start participating while also keeping all the resources easy to find.

Using Workplace means that Facebook does not own our data, there are now ads displayed, and you will not be sharing your personal Facebook profile, in fact you don’t even need one.

An Everlearners subscription costs $97 per month.
Be among the first 30 people to sign up, using the discount code golden and you’ll get a 40% discount – there are still seats left!
You can stop your subscription at anytime.

(But you are likely to become addicted quickly)